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Welcome to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Wiki!

Wiki for the video game Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (sequel to Battlefield: Bad Company) released by DICE

Key FeaturesEdit

  • Huge Multiplayer Maps. Each with a different

tactical and gameplay focus and set across a variety of environments

  • Ultimate Online Vehicle Warfare! 15 land, sea and

air vehicles, each with a tactical advantage during play. Race into action with the ATV or rain death from above in the UH-60 transport helicopter with its 2 side-mounted rail guns

  • All-new Squad Gameplay. Team up with 3 other

players and fight together to unlock special awards and achievements in 2 squad-specific game modes

  • Destruction 2.0. Take down entire buildings,

create firepoints in cover or blow it up entirely! In Battlefield Bad Company 2™ there will be no place to hide!

  • ‘Play It Your Way’ experiment and refine your

ideal combat style with 4 character classes (medic, assault, recon and engineer), 15000+ kit variations, 46 weapons (200 different customization opportunities), 15 gadgets and 13 character specializations.

  • Awards and Achievements, combat efficiency and

performance is rewarded with special awards such pins, stars and insignias which contribute to unlocking 50 ranks

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